Wednesday 12 August 2015

7/8ths trains for sale

I have made up a couple of my Titch locos with flat car and fuel bowser and driver. They are complete with wheels and require 2 AAA batteries to run. The first is in war department colour scheme and the second is in green. If you would like to purchase, then please send me a message. I can be contacted at the trains are £220.00 each and are made from resin. The wheels need gluing in place at either 45mm or 32mm gauge.

Monday 27 April 2015

16mm driver figures for roundhouse Millie loco

My own steam engine is a Roundhouse Millie. I tend to model in 7/8ths so my Millie has been modified to be more in keeping. As I always have a toe in the 16mm world I thought it would be fun to make driver figures for Millie that can fit on the displacement lubricator and here they are. They are £5.00 each unpainted or £11.00 painted.

16mm figures

Here are some more of my figures. In stock figures are posted with 2 working days. Cast unpainted figures will be around 8days before despatch and figures that need to be painted will take up to three weeks from order date.
Drivers sd1 and sd2 have a separate head and arm, these need a drop of super glue if you are buying an unpainted figure.

drivers sd3 and sd5 are one piece casts.

driver sd4 and guard gd1 are again one piece casts. Again these figures are all £7.00 unpainted or £14.00 painted.

16mm figures order direct from me!

As I informed a lot of you at the show, over the coming weeks I will be putting up pictures and information on how to order figures from me without having to purchase what I have currently listed on eBay.
So here are some of the pictures of my 16mm figures.
Here are the first of my ww1 figures the order codes are on the base, ww1,ww2,ww3,ww4 you can message me the code of the figure you would like and wether you want it painted or unpainted.  Unpainted are £7.00 each and painted are £14.00. UK postage is first class and is £3.75 for an individual figure, I can invoice you with PayPal but I also accept cheques and postal orders. Figures are cast weekly with small batches going on eBay at regular periods.

here are my first lady loco crew figures, ld1 and ld2. Again, £7.00 each unpainted or £14.00 painted. figures that are in stock get posted within 2 days of cleated payment. 

Peterborough garden railway show 2015

Well its been a couple of weeks since the show and I have finally got back on track so to speak with orders etc. I have also reorganised my workshop and removed a massive oak dresser which I put in as there was no room in our house for it. It served its purpose quite well but, it consumed so much space that I am glad to see the back of it! I have also sorted out a new system for storing the figures and orders until they go out. Anyway, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who came and said hello and bought figures. Here are a couple of pictures I took of my stand, my dad is in the photos talking to the trader next to us.

Wednesday 1 April 2015

new 16mm figures

Here is a group shot of some of my new 16mm figures.

Monday 30 March 2015

7/8ths figures and rolling stock kits

Well, over the last few weeks I have busy sculpting figures in 7/8ths 1/12 and 16mm scales to take to the garden railway show in Peterborough in a couple of weeks ago time. I have also got halfway through some rolling stock kits for 7/8ths that I have been working on for some time. Anyway here are some pictures of some 7/8ths stuff I have made.