Tuesday, 30 September 2014

1/12 faraway tree dollshouse

Well I've been visiting family this last week, but fortunately have a bit of down time to add to the blog!!
Anyway, the framing out of the tree continues. This has proven to be quite tricky working out the floors and ceilings and trying to think in  3 dimension. One of the problems with this project is its more a work of sculpture than proper woodwork, the framework is necessary to give the shape and strength to the tree but it will all ultimately be hidden behind foam and plaster. With this in mind you can get by with quite rough wood working skills!
After determining the dimensions of the rooms floors are cut as well and a ceiling to correspond to each floor, these are then traced round to make the top and bottom for the opening sections. The floors and ceilings are screwed and glued in place. Once this was complete I added some battens of plywood to the rear of the tree. This will help to give a but more rigidity and provide a rough guide when it comes to adding the foam.
 This gives an overall view, the white pipe is going to be used for a conduit to pass the wiring through for lighting.
  This shows the detail of one of the joins where a branch will be. These all have to be removable, so as with the main join between the base and the top, I will use a piece of 2x1 at the end of the branch to act as a plug, the end of the branch will be defined by one of the plywood discs, the other will define it at the tree itself.


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