Monday, 27 October 2014

papier mache

OK so now I have to cover the tree with papier mache. The reason is that the top surface of the tree is made from plaster and filler( the type used for interior repairs) and it doesn't grip the foam very well without something to key into hence the use of papier mache. I make mine using 50/50 water and PVA glue and I keep a pot of neat PVA glue handy for any bits where I need a bit of extra sticking power. we only need to get a couple of layers on, though in some places I may build up points of layers if I want to change the underlying surface height for instance. I am finally inside the workshop now, but clearance is very tight!!! This is my mark 2 ,workshop, technically its my mark 3, but seeing as the mark one was the kitchen table I don't count it!! I build up the papier mache with a mixture of newspaper, tissue paper and kitchen towel. The trick is not to go for a smooth surface but one that has plenty of wrinkles to help the plaster stick to it. I have used this technique now for quite a few dolls houses and model railway scenery building and although time consuming does give a solid and well textured surface that is also lightweight and should it ever need it, easy to repair or modify.
 I should just mention as well that I
Like to stipple the papier mache into place place with a large paintbrush. This helps to get the paper to conform to all the nooks and crannies.

now all I have to do is wait for this to dry, so far we are on day 5!! It doesn't help that my workshop is in the shade all day long. With the papier mache work complete we have rolled past the halfway stage. Just the plasterwork, doors windows and lighting then the final painting and detailing.


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